KATIE HINES - Singer & Songwriter

Katie was born and raised in Hoover, Alabama. With music of all kinds infused into her childhood- from oldies to country to hip hop- she has always had a love for music. She's been singing since she could talk and as an adolescent won awards in competitive singing. Upon graduating high school, she decided to get a degree in musical theater from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Soon after,  Katie packed up her car and moved to LA to become a songwriter for TV and film. She calls this her "leap of faith" as she had never set foot in the city before moving there. While in LA, she has written, produced, and performed a debut self-titled EP, out on iTunes, and has spent every possible moment writing for various artists and projects. And this is her first musical film and she hopes that it leads to many more! She has her family and friends to thank for their endless support in her endeavors. 

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MARJORIE COHEN - Director & Producer

Marjorie was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and moved to Los Angeles to study Film at Art Center College of Design. Very early on, she developed an interest in advertising and worked at some of the most prestigious commercial production companies in the US, while simultaneously developing her own commercial reel. After receiving some awards herself, she was signed as a director to IdealCorp in Paris.
Since the offer for her dream job had yet to come, she eventually decided to take matters into her own hands. In early 2012, she made the leap into the world of narrative film, and has since then completed three short films, and her first feature film, My Name Is Vivienne, with another two features in development. Her short film La Mime and feature film My Name Is Vivienne are now available to watch on Indieflix. 


LAURE McDANIEL - Production Designer

Laurie is a skilled scenic artist and designer. She grew up in the majestic mountains of Ouray, Colorado and the beaches of Southern California, then ran off to the midwest to get a degree in Art and Design. Laurie has worked with Art Department for eight years in Texas, Colorado, and in the LA market since 2012. "It feels good to be back in Cali doing what I love and working with great people."

This Is Goodbye


A truly unique blend of engineering skill and creative talent is brought together in Bruce Chianese. His array of musical pieces encompasses a broad range of genres, from animation to heavy drama. His fresh style and innovative techniques combine to bring music to a scene that evokes the emotion you want from your audiences. On television Bruce's music has been heard on such hit shows as The Sopranos, Friends, Street Sharks, and Sabrina the Animated Series.  Bruce is a regular guest lecturer on the subject of film music composition at UCLA Extension, and also a guest speaker on For the Record, a series broadcast on on KPFK public radio featuring discussions on the film music industry. Bruce is also a composer panelist at the Pan African Film Festival.

JOE PETKWITZ - Director of Photography

Joe is originally from Detroit, Michigan. He attended Columbia College in Chicago and later made the move to Los Angeles, where he's been working as a gaffer and cinematographer.